The Wilhelmshaven LNG terminal

Greater independence in the German energy supply through diversification of supply sources.

Illustration of the Wilhelmshaven LNG terminal


Diversification of gas procurement sources in Germany

The current geopolitical situation has once again revealed how important it is to diversify not only energy sources but also import routes and thus become more independent. A letter of intent signed by the German government and the state of Lower Saxony stipulates the chartering of a total of four floating LNG terminals (FSRUs). The Wilhelmshaven LNG terminal makes a reliable contribution to the energy supply through secure and high utilization.

The location and its advantages

Northern Germany's central energy hub now and in the future.

The LNG terminal

All in one place: Jetty, the FSRU and the connected gas pipeline.

Our Services

From Carrier Approval Process to injection into Germany's gas transmission grid.



Floating Storage Regasification Unit. But what exactly does FSRU mean?

26 km connection line
24/7 feed into the grid
2/3 of the current LNG import